How to begin with City Crop?

Step-by-step explanation on how easy is it to start growing home

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Install the app

Download the CityCrop App from App Store or Google Play

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–°hoose plants

Choose from more than 65 different greens, vegetables, and herbs.

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Plant seeds

In five minutes a week, we'll teach you how to take care of your seedlings.

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Enjoy your meal

Your fresh food can be harvested in as little as 3 weeks to prepare tasty, nutritious meals.

Our Devices

Our distinctive products are available in 3 versions. Check out our Micro, One, and Twin Devices.

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CityCrop makes fresher, tastier, nutritious plans with 95% less water and pesticide-free.

Our core advantages:

Harvest what you need, avoiding overproduction through harvest on demand.

Full nutritional content of live plants.

Eat your way to a smaller carbon footprint without food miles.

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No more food waste.

Our app guides you to harvest your plants at the right time.

Grow in a clean environment free of pesticides.

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We offer a large variety of plants in order to grow what you wish.

Before the activation of CityCrop pods, you'll get all the important information you need about your greens.

From germination to harvest you can always see how long the respective plant still needs as well the CityCrop app gives you useful information about your greens and how to enjoy them.

Sit back and relax, watch the progress of your plantation remotely from anywhere in the world until harvest.

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Grow where you are

Explore our wide variety of over 60 different fresh produce at home, indoors.

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