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CityCrop is a system with the usage of advanced technologies and data automatically grows the freshest plants. We think of it as a beautiful mini home appliance that stocks itself with high-quality nutritious food.
CityCrop One (H x W x D) 42.44cm x 47.17cm x 53.9cm | 16.7” x 18.57” x 21.22” Weight 30 kg, 66 lb CityCrop Twin (H x W x D) 84.66cm x 47.17cm x 53.9cm | 33.33” x 18.57” x 21.22” Weight 55 kg, 121 lb
CityCrop One and CityCrop Twin needs the internet but can work independently for up to 30 days without an internet connection. We suggest for best results, to have a permanent connection since plant recipe optimizations are done in our database.
The voltage AC 220 – 240V required for the power supply corresponds to any conventional socket.
The CityCrop One uses about €6.00 of electricity per month and the CityCrop Twin about €10.00 (Note: This is using our 67 Watt LED-lights per module).

No! CityCrop has been built from the ground up to provide an easy experience for everyone regardless of age or growing experience. CityCrop is also great for experienced growers looking to have “remote” control of their crops and not need to be around them 24/7.

Greens like arugula, lettuce, mustard green, basil, grow the best, and offer the best yield. If you are growing for flavors you’re able to grow a wide variety of herbs. If you are growing for cocktails you can fill the whole thing with varieties of mint and other aromatic herbs.\
You can grow 13 CityPods or 4 CityMats at a time on the CityCrop One, and 26 CityPods or 8 CityMats plants for the CityCrop Twin. Unlike other indoor gardens, the CityCrop One and the CityCrop Twin are designed for you to grow large and small plants together.

You can expect 2.5-6.5 kg (5.5-14.3 lb) of food per month after the first month of growth. That equals to approximately 35 servings of fresh produce each month. This is enough for more than one serving per day!

We provide organic traditional seeds that are certified and tested by our experts and we encourage them to use those but you can also use yours.

No growing with the CityCrop One and the CityCrop Twin means you are growing non-GMO and pesticide-free produce.

The CityCrop One and the CityCrop Twin have their own self-contained 8 liters, 2.11 US gallons (internal water tank, no fixed water connection necessary) refill every 3 weeks depending on usage. The water level indicator on the CityCrop will notify you via the CityCrop app when you need to refill it.

You can put the CityCrop One and the CityCrop Twin anywhere indoors! We recommend placing them somewhere where they can stand out and be easily accessible. Be sure to have a standard AC 220 – 240 V electrical outlet nearby.

The CityCrop app is available for iPhone and Android.

Your order will be shipped between 4-6 weeks after you place your order. Please note that due to COVID-19, shipping times may be longer than usual.

Initially, we will be shipping to the EU countries. We ship to the US and Asia by special request.

Unpack your items and make sure all the parts are inside. In your shipment, you will find A CityCrop One or CityCrop Twin, a set of Nutrients CC01, CC02, CC03, CC04, CC05, CityPods, and a starter kit of CityMats and CityPods filled with organic seeds

The CityCrop delivered to you by our specialty carrier partners to ensure damage-free deliveries. We are partnered with DHL express Logistics for EU orders.

Shipping is not included. Shipping will be calculated based on your location and payment will be collected prior to shipping. The shipping cost for the CityCrop One is €85.00 and the CityCrop Twin is €125 in the EU counties.

We are sorry to see you go, but we understand. We will fully refund your order. Please contact us at
We stand by the quality of our products. All CityCrop devices are warranted against manufacturing defects for two years. Accessories, such as seed and nutrients are not covered by the warranty. If you have any issues, please send an email to

We’re very sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues! We have worked hard making our product as durable as possible but we know that, sometimes, things happen. We offer a two-year warranty against manufacturer defects and would be happy to repair or replace your CityCrop device for you. Please send an email to and a customer service representative will be in touch shortly.

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